Windows Networking Basics
Win 9x File Sharing
Windows Networking

Prerequisites: Installation of network card and appropriate protocols plus File and printer sharing for Microsoft networks
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On the desktop, right-click on Network Neighbourhood and select Properties.
Under Configuration tab, click on File and Print Sharing button and check the two boxes from the dialogue box (below).

Select File and Print Sharing

In Windows Explorer, create a folder called any name you wish (here shown as secrets) to be shared on the network. Right-click on the folder and select Sharing.

Right-click menu

Under the Sharing tab of the folder Properties, click the Shared As: radio button (below)

Give the folder a Share Name which will be seen on the network (can be the same as the original folder name or different). Keep to eight characters with no spaces, to ensure DOS compatibility

Under Access Type: select Read-Only or Full. Either of these can be password protected on the network by typing a password in the box underneath

Alternatively, Read-Only access can be given to anybody (i.e. no password) with Full-Access password protected (i.e. enter password in last box only). Click OK.

Folder Properties

The shared directory (or network share) can now be accessed on the network by anyone who has permission.

Network Browser

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