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F#%#@ Scanner!
Some thoughts to make your computer life easier - Not!
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Speaking of frustration, here's a little anecdote from my workplace, a department which teaches IT. I am surrounded by technology and I know how it works. Today I wanted to scan a couple of documents.
  1. I go into the classroom and log on, but the PC which has been attached to the same scanner for last 2 years does not recognise the scanner. It's turned on and connected but just whirrs its little drive belt motor..

  2. OK. So I go upstairs to another room and try to log on, but the Scanner PC up there won't let me log onto the same network. My password is apparently invalid up here..

  3. I take the USB scanner downstairs and plug it into my own Win2000 Server. It needs a driver..

  4. After waiting an eternity for the web pages to load, I eventually find the driver which is going to be a 232MB download! "Probably a 200-odd meg animation and a 300KB driver," grins my wry chum Chris Adams, from over the partition in the Multimedia Camp.

  5. Slightly offput, I ask around but no-one seems to know the whereabouts of the original HP CD-ROM driver..

  6. I try to download driver anyway, but all the driver links are FTP and FTP has been disabled through the company firewall..

  7. Back to square one. I ring up helpdesk to get my password reset but "all lines are busy.."
At this point I usually try to laugh it off and philosophically recognise it as the old 'one step forward, four steps back' scenario, but I haven't even made one single step in the right direction of getting my document anywhere near a scanner.

I might just as well have recreated the whole document in Microsoft Paintbrush in full colour, flaggelated myself raw with a birch twig and then invited a close colleague to shove a red hot poker up my arse to have achieved the same result.

Maybe I should just go back to working in Lunatic Asylums, I'm sure it was a lot less stressful..

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